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Help us deliver educational programs designed to empower young people to make safe choices

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Give the life-saving gift of education.

Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization based in Springfield, Mo. Since 2004, we've been delivering education on the dangers of teen substance use and risky driving behaviors. In the 2018-2019 school year alone, 506 schools signed up for our program.

Our mission is to deliver outcome-based educational programs designed to empower young people to make safe choices.

Safe and Sober supplies education to students in grades 5-12 and to their parents. Currently, our programs are free to any middle or high school in Missouri thanks to generous support from our donors.

We've delivered more than 790,000 pledge cards to students since our program began. And we're just getting started. With your help, we'll empower young people everywhere to be safe and sober.

Each year our program includes:
  • A brand-new multi-segment video featuring real teens. These videos contain stories designed to help teens live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding addiction and other risky decisions.
  • Comprehensive activities and discussion guides for teachers or student leaders.
  • Pledge cards for each student to submit online after they take part in our program. This responsive pledge option is unique because it automatically ties back to a school's overall pledge rate.
  • Collateral materials including a custom school website pledge page.
  • Instructions and tips to make our program easy.